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The Idioms course is coming soon. Here is some content to help you in your IELTS in the meantime (while you are waiting).

The secret of going from band 7 to 8 in IELTS speaking

This article will tell you two ways to go from a 7 band to an 8/9 band in IELTS speaking. It has some key secrets that native speakers know that you don’t. But if you read the article and do the exercises, you will have the secrets within the next 20 minutes.

How to be a confident English speaker…

How to be a confident English speaker…

Hi, I'm Kate, the creator of this website. I hope I can help you become confident in speaking English. I am a poet, English TEFL teacher and language learner. You are in the right place if you want to improve your IELTS score or confidence in speaking English in...

Do you want to know your IELTS speaking band score?

Do you want to know your IELTS speaking band score?

Join 300+ students with IELTS results up to 8.5 Click the button below to arrange a trial lesson This is an example of a typical speaking test. If you want an assessment of your IELTS speaking band score and a personalised plan to improve it, I have detailed a special...

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