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Hi, and welcome to Let’s Talk IELTS! My name is Katey. I am an English Skype tutor who specialises in preparing my students for the IELTS test. I created this website in order to help all individuals looking at taking the IELTS test, to prepare, practice, and improve their point score. Throughout my career, I have helped students who have wanted to study for the IELTS test in the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, as well as people who have wanted to immigrate to Australia and New Zealand. The lessons I provide are offered via Skype. You can find my Skype contact information right on the homepage! This website is full of awesome study tools that will help you prepare to take the IELTS test for the first time, or improve your score on the IELTS test. On this website, you will find IELTS practice examples, online IELTS classes, IELTS tips, testimonials from my past students, and all of my contact information. My goal is to make sure you do fantastic on the IELTS test!

My conversation skills have not always been my strongest attribute. In the past, I was too shy to even have a conversation with a stranger! However, after honing and practicing my communication skills through travelling and doing volunteer work, I can now speak in front of large groups of people without hesitation. My experiences and growth in communication have given me more than just confidence; they made me extremely patient and understanding of the fact that sometimes, it is difficult for a person to express themselves. My main goal in our tutoring sessions is that you are comfortable and calm, and I believe my growth of communication skills facilitates that kind of environment.

In addition to perfecting my communication skills, I have also studied economics and computing as well as worked as an Analyst/Programmer. Through my studies and work experience, I have developed superb analytical skills. My skills allow me to notice factors that others may not and adjust my teaching style to those factors. When preparing for the IELTS test, there is a general 80:20 rule that I have come to understand. This rule states that out of all of your IELTS studies, only about 20% of them make a real difference to your success on the test. My goal in my tutoring sessions is to identify that 20% and help you focus 100% of your time on it. I aim to work smarter, not harder, and this is something I make sure I do in each one of my sessions. As my student, we will first analyse the mistakes you make most often. Then, based on the degree of those mistakes, the difficulty of the mistakes to solve them, and the time you have available for study, we will make a plan that is hand crafted to maximise the rewards of your efforts.

At Let’s Talk IELTS, my main goal is your success! If you have any questions, please visit the Contact page of the website. I can’t wait to help you ace the IELTS test!

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