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How is the IELTS speaking test scored?

The IELTS speaking test is scored by how easy you are to listen to and understand as you are speaking English. The factors that affect this are your vocabulary, coherence and cohesion, how advanced your grammar is and also how accurate it is and of course your pronunciation.

What percentage of the IELTS speaking test is vocabulary?

It is 25% of the marks

How do I get a high IELTS vocabulary score?

To score high for IELTS vocabulary in speaking you should use plenty of idiomatic vocabulary and also identify very precise meanings. You should also use less common collocations such as phrasal verbs. Finally, you should understand how formal or informal the vocabulary you are using sounds to a native speaker.

Can I use very informal vocabulary in IELTS

Often very informal vocabulary sounds uneducated or rude to native speakers. It should not be used. But fairly informal words that are not rude are to be favoured over very formal words in the speaking test. For example, “on top of that” sounds better than “moreover” unless you are discussing a very heavy topic such as climate change or education. In IELTS writing the opposite is true.

Should I use phrasal verbs in IELTS academic?

Most phrasal verbs are spoken English rather than written English. I can illustrate this with the phrase “to give something back” and to “return something”. They both mean the same thing but the first is a phrasal verb and the second is a more formal alternative. The first version sounds better in speaking and the speaking test is the same in IELTS for both academic and general. For speaking, I would always recommend using phrasal verbs, except very informal ones which have rude connotations. But phrasal verbs are informal and academic writing is not. In a university essay, it would be better to use the word “return” than “give back” every time. And it is good to get into this habit earlier than later so if you are taking academic IELTS my advice is to start now.

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