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Maybe you need to prepare in a more organised way? Is it as simple as getting all your ducks in a row?

Idiom: To get all your ducks in a row: To take action to become well-organized, prepared, and/or up-to-date Source:    https://idioms.thefreedictionary.com/get+ducks+in+a+row

What I am going to say may surprise you. There is something missing from most IELTS courses that is so obvious when I tell it to you that you will wonder why no-one has ever mentioned it before…

… and it is not just about getting organised, or improving your English to an impossible level.

It is this:  The three hour test is like a marathon (a long race). And if you do not manage your energy you will not get to the finish line in time.

My new book will help you win at the finish line!

And that’s what my book is all about. How to manage your energy in the IELTS exam so you maximise your score. It is for people who are aiming high in IELTS and know how to get their ducks in a row, but still cannot hit the four target scores in listening, reading, writing and speaking in one sitting of the IELTS. It is also for people who get anxious sitting in front of the examiner and feeling like they are going to make a cultural mistake. And for people whose minds become clouded at some part during the test. It is for anyone who could benefit from thinking more positively and having a steady supply of energy in the IELTS examination.

The first two chapters is nearly here…

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