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Tiredness and Anxiety Reduce Exam Performance. Do You Know How to Manage them in the 3-Hour IELTS Test?

Learn how to stay calm and energised and you can get your perfect score.

Let’s talk about a typical student. We will call them Dmitry.  Before coming to this website, Dmitry didn’t understand why he sometimes scored the bands he needed, but he couldn’t pass all four parts of the test in one go. He knew his English was good enough and began to think the test was unfair. He worked harder and harder. He gave up the things he loved doing. His whole life was dedicated to IELTS. 

For students like Dmitry, I have a five-part strategy to manage their energy: 

Managing his body-mind.

By learning to change the way he sat, breathed and by doing a simple exercise he had prepared, he calmed his mind

Knowing how energy flows

By understanding a simple truth, that energy rises and falls in waves he was able to change his mindset from negative to positive

Managing his sleep.

By utilising the trick of sleep banking, he performed well in the test, making better decisions because his mind was more clear and energetic.


Managing what he ate and drank

Basically, eating the right food for breakfast meant that his energy lasted for the whole three hours of the test

Following a plan

Having a trusted plan and making things called micro-commitments helped him make the most of everything he had prepared and get his true score.

Finally, he can make better decisions in the test. When you manage your energy, you can perform at your true ability and get your best ever score and finally apply for your PR visa for immigration.

I can work with just a few students each month, so I decided to write down the whole strategy so that more people can access this information.

Learn how…

  • How your BODY AFFECTS YOUR MIND in the exam
  • A one-page report on how to overcome CLOCK ANXIETY
  • A one-page report on what to do IF YOU CANNOT SLEEP before the exam with the evidence to prove the method
  • A three-page report on how a sugary BREAKFAST WILL HARM YOUR SCORE and what to eat even if you are in a cheap hotel
  • A six-page PLAN TO FOLLOW before and during your exam
  • how to use things called micro-commitments to ensure you make the most of your PREPARATION when you are in the exam.
  • An easy-read text, but with definitions of difficult words and idioms to improve your IELTS VOCABULARY SCORE.
  • A three-page report on how to become more FLUENT IN JUST SIX WEEKS whether you are introverted or extroverted.


Chapters 1-3 are already written. You can get them immediately. I am writing the rest and sending it by email each week. It is absolutely FREE.


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I highly recommend her classes to anyone who is looking for good IELTS results and improving their English…
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