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Do you need a practice IELTS speaking test before the real thing?

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Take one online with Kate.

Last-minute – at the latest possible time before an event (in this case the week before your IELTS test.)

Mock test – not the real test, a practice test.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wishes to warm up for their IELTS test.
Anyone who has 14 or fewer days to go before their test.
Anyone who cannot imagine what the test is like and wishes to practice with a kind, friendly person in the safety of an online environment (Skype call).
If you are unsure of the test procedure.
If you have never spoken to a native English speaker and do not want the first time to be in your test.

Because there are only a few days before your test, I will not give you an estimated band score. This could make you either over- or under-confident and is not productive at that time. Instead, I will give you some tips before the exam which could raise your band score by half a band if you apply them diligently. These tips will be easy things YOU can do to improve the style in which you answer, for example wrong timings and cultural faux pas to avoid.

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About Katey

Hi, and welcome to Let’s Talk IELTS! My name is Katey. I am an English Skype tutor who specialises in preparing my students for the IELTS test. I created this website in order to help all individuals looking at taking the IELTS test, to prepare, practice, and improve their point score.



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